Where’s Al?

Because some people have asked about this, I’m going to put up some links to where I can be found online at the moment.


The excellent ‘Raising Eddie‘ is up at Pseudopod this week by Mark Felps and read by Cayenne Chris Conroy.  It’s a great story and as usual, I’ve done the intro and outro.

I also narrated ‘Castor on Troubled Waters‘ for Podcastle last week.  Written by Rhys Hughes it’s the story of one man, lots of pirates and a series of unlikely coincidences.


I’m part of SFX’s team of bloggers and my most recent piece went up this week.  Called ‘Surviving the Zomblogalypse‘ it’s about the aptly named Zomblogalypse.com, a web series about traditional flat sharing concerns like doing the shopping, who does the washing up, the rise of the undead and what the exact rules of ‘meat legs’ are.

I’ve been blogging for SFX for a while now and it’s led me to some really interesting subjects including these beautiful aerial robot penguins (Yes, really) and this piece, about why geeks have in fact won and some of us have no idea what to do next.

Meanwhile my reviews of the pilot episode of Warehouse 13 and what may be the only episode of Virtuality are up at Total Sci Fi.


I’ve been doing a lot of Twitter fiction recently.  It’s a fascinating form, telling a story in less space than most song lyrics and I’ve sold several to some of the major Twitter anthologies.  One of the first, Thaumatrope, archives its stories by author and mine can be found here.

I also sold this piece to Nanoism which is the second oddest thing I’ve ever written but still makes me smile.


Over at Hub which I’m now editing, our most recent issue features short fiction from Simon Frayne, a piece about sexuality in Torchwood, an interview with the creator of Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai and reviews including Moon and Torchwood: Children of Earth, the latter contributed by me.

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  1. Thanks for posting the list Alasdair. Keep up the great work. Pseudopod has always been a great podcast, but I think you really added a great element to it.

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