WORDS BY ME: Uncanny Magazine Issue 23

One of the pleasures of doing what I do is the occasional moments, two or three times a year, when a bunch of stuff rolls out at the same time. We’re starting to get to one of those spots, and the first thing out of the gate is my essay in the next issue of Uncanny Magazine.

‘Joy and Applause’ started out as a direct sequel to my previous article. That dealt with fanon, fan ownership of created texts and the points where authorial intent and fannish perception meet. I’m really proud of that one, and this takes the same basic idea but goes in a much more personal direction.

‘Joy and Applause’ is about what it’s like to be seen in media, and what happens when you aren’t. It draws from my own experiences to a level I do not normally do and it’s honest, and funny and hopeful.

I’m really proud of this one too and I’m incredibly honored to be sharing a Table of Contents with these names (TOBIAS BUCKELL YOU GUYS! TOBY AND I ARE OFFICIALLY ESSAY BROS NOW!). The issue releases on July 3rd and digital content will all be up by August 7th and I can’t wait for you to see it.


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