WorldCon Photo Journal: Day 2

#worldcon / #midamericon2 Photo Journal Day 2. The social stuff’s going fantastically and it’s always nice to put faces to Twitter accounts, especially when the people behind the accounts are so profoundly lovely. 

The organisational side? Not so much. Always interesting doing two cons back to back, especially transatlantic cons, because you see two massively different approaches. Nine Worlds, for all the massively over engineered elements of it’s structure, was flooded with volunteers. I was never more than about ten feet from tech officers, purple vests, a constantly manned ops desk and any assistance needed. 

Here? Three information desks, one of which was labelled and all of which were entirely focused on the vendor and exhibit hall rather than monitoring rooms. That means you’ve got minimal time cover to ensure panels don’t overrun, minimal cover for medical emergencies and no means of disseminating information beyond word of mouth and intensely creaky wifi.  Nothing hugely bad, but it’s not a format that makes me comfortable.

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