STAR TREK: Gold Archive #2 – Through the Valley of Shadows

I’m not going to abandon the things that made me what I am because of a future… that contains an ending I hadn’t foreseen for myself.

Through the Valley of Shadows, the 12th episode of Discovery’s second season is one of the most important episodes of Star Trek to date. In this book, Alasdair Stuart explains why, including how the time crystal at the core of the story is a prism that reflects the show as a whole and the vital role the episode plays in the continuing voyages of Captain Christopher Pike, connecting the show’s past to the franchise’s future via strange new worlds.

In this deep dive for Obverse Books I examine the episode, the role it plays in the narrative of Trek canon, and how Captain Chris Pike, and future Captain Michael Burnham, are both shaped by its events.

  • Published February 2022
  • Pages: 106
  • ISBN: 9781913456269