SFX Link Log-2009

Here’s the first of the link logs from SFX. This is from 2009, a year which saw Avatar, Moon, Gamer and 2012 amongst others open at the cinemas, Fringe enter its second season and Flashforward charge into its first and last. Enjoy.

Online Astronomy

Kepler and Goodricke in The World Of Tomorrow

The Personal Genome Project

Was Gagarin Really The First Man In Space?


All Change on Primeval

Cheer Up, Mopey! It’s The Future!

Waiting for Godot

Our Two Sun-Watching Satellites

Uncovering the Shadow Unit

Dark Horse Aliens and Predator Comics

Watching Wolverine

Interview with the SFF Ethics Group

New Developments In Space Elevators

The War Of The Worlds On Stage

Surviving The Zomblogalypse

Fantasy Con 2009

Why Your Hair Could Save The Planet (This turned out to be abject crap by the way but it was a great story)

Flashforward Episode 1

Flashforward Episode 2

Flashforward Episode 3

Flashforward Episode 4

Flashforward Episode 5

Flashforward Episode 6

Flashforward Episode 7

Surviving Extinction-The Return of Primeval

Fringe Season 2 Episode 1

Fringe Season 2 Episode 2