2021 Eligibility Post

Hello nominators, thanks for stopping by.

The Full Lid (Unpaid)
My free weekly pop culture newsletter, edited by Marguerite Kenner
We published 52 issues in 2021 with guest writers including Alex Acks, Kat Day, Margaret Dunlap, Kit Power, David Steffen and Chloë Yates
Eligible for Best Fanzine
A zip file of the complete 2021 issues in PDF is available here (200+ mb)

Examples highlighting my writing

  • 19th November 2021 (Fifth Anniversary Special): Interview with Barry Nugent; report on Discovery leaving Netflix; Big Men in movies
  • 22nd October 2021: Nothing But Blackened Teeth; Scarlet Hollow Episode 2; Lower Decks
  • 17th September 2021: Three Great Things About FiyahCon; Debt is Just the Beginning
  • 25th June 2021: All Tomorrow’s Parties; Songbird; Fall

Examples that showcase the breadth of THE FULL LID

  • 9th July 2021: Waiting for Natasha; Fast 9; Clark & Martin
  • 2nd April 2021: April Fool’s Special featuring Margaret Dunlap on Pacific Rim 3; Kit Power on the lost James Bond novel; and Alex Acks on Groundhog Day: Endgame

Escape Pod (I co-own EA, Escape Pod’s publisher)
Eligible for Best Semiprozine; my work is eligible under Best Fan Writer

PseudoPodPod (I co-own EA, PseudoPod’s publisher)
Eligible for Best Semiprozine; my work is eligible under Best Fan Writer

SciFiBulletin.com (Unpaid)

The Black Archives 50: The Day of the Doctor (published 11th January 2021)
Eligible for Best Related Work

The Black Archive is a series of academic treatises on individual Doctor Who stories. I had the pleasure of writing about Day of the Doctor, the show’s 50th anniversary episode. In it I bring together a lot of the strings of my approach to writing: magic and theatricality, the postmodernist approach to structure, 1980s BBC Shakespeare, and (in an early draft) pro wrestling narrative logic, all combine in this celebration of a celebration. 

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