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2020 Eligibility Post

Hello award nominators!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Alasdair Stuart and I had a very big year. This post lists it all, including date ranges for episodes and issues along with a few personal favorites.  And continuing on from last year, pay or affiliation is also listed.

My free weekly pop culture newsletter, edited by Marguerite Kenner. Guest writers in 2020 include Margaret Dunlap, Andrew Reid, David Steffen, Matt Wallace and Chloë Yates.

Mailchimp refuses to host more than six months’ worth of archive, but you can download a ZIP file of the complete 2020 issues in PDF (link; 200+mb). For online browsing, issues between 4th September 2020 and 18th December 2020 are currently accessible.

Issues I’d highlight (PDFs):

The Full Lid Plus ($490 in 2020)

My subscription-based substack compliment to The Full Lid. Here’s a free post I released in July 2020.

Other Fan Writing

Escape Pod (I co-own EA, Escape Pod’s publisher)
Eligible for Best Semiprozine

PseudoPod (I co-own EA, PseuodPod’s publisher)
Eligible for Best Semiprozine (Unpaid)

Fox Spirit Books (£15 per column)

I was part of the team who put together the GMT/EST-centred fringe programming for CoNZealand in August 2020. This was a fan project, designed to complement and celebrate the first digital Worldcon. 

The Black Archives 50: The Day of the Doctor
Eligible for Best Related Work

The Black Archive is a series of academic longform essays on specific Doctor Who stories. I had the pleasure of writing about Day of the Doctor, the show’s 50th anniversary episode. In it I bring together a lot of the strings of my knowledge base: magic and theatricality, the postmodernist approach to structure as fiction and fiction as structure, 1980s BBC Shakespeare, and (in an early draft) pro wrestling narrative logic, all combine in this celebration of a celebration. 

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