2023 Eligibility Post

Good time zone, nominators! Thanks for dropping in.

Below you’ll find details of my award-eligible work from 2022. I’ve picked half a dozen examples for each publication, and provided an overview of their contents. Like most of the work I do, the majority of these selections are available for free where linked. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks for your consideration.

The Full Lid

Written by Alasdair Stuart
Edited by Marguerite Kenner
Eligible in fanzine and nonfiction categories

The Full Lid is a free weekly newsletter, designed to bring positivity and pop culture enthusiasm to inboxes at the end of the working week. Alongside articles, essays and reviews, we Signal Boost community projects and crowdfunding efforts, as well as curate Interstitials of visual media.

In 2022, TFL included reviews, essays, and articles covering audio dramas, novels and books, comics, indie and AAA videogames, indie and mainstream movies, podcasts, television shows, current events, and community and fandom events. It featured work from guest writer Dr. Kat Day.

Recommended Issues

  • 14th JanuaryEternals; The Shadow over Menswear; Elmo, Muppet Anarchist; Jaskier, Patron Saint of Extra
  • 21st JanuaryThe Supervillain’s Guide to Being a Fat Kid; Thaynor’s Final Monster; Chappie Number One-Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer; behind the scenes for the opening credits of The Rings of Power
  • 18th MarchSoong Exploder; The Art of Oliver Wetter; She by Hailey Kiyoko
  • 24th JunePride of the Space Rangers; Doctor Who: Redacted; Starfield; Thaniya Moore’s Pep Talk
  • 26th AugustRRR; Starfleet’s Boy Scout; Henrique Alvim Corrêa’s War of the Worlds; Naatu Naatu from RRR
  • 16th December – It Can Be Here; Alternative Christmas Classics; Spacehog

A rolling archive of recent issues, including every issue published in 2022, can be found here.


Edited by Shawn Garrett and Alex Hofelich
Hosted by Alasdair Stuart
Eligible in semiprozine and audio categories

Recommended Episodes

The Gold Archive 2: Through the Valley of Shadows

Written by Alasdair Stuart
Published February 2022 by Obverse Books
Eligible in related work and nonfiction categories

The Gold Archive is a series of academic treatises on individual Star Trek stories, this volume explores pivotal Star Trek: Discovery episode Through the Valley of Shadows. A vital part of the ship, and show’s escape trajectory into a different time-frame, it’s a fascinating point in the post-modern telemetry of Starfleet’s king beneath the hill, Christopher Pike. Valley of Shadows connects The Menagerie with Strange New Worlds, as I explore the Disco and Pike’s paths into the future interact.


Recommended Reviews

All my 2022 reviews for SciFiBulletin can be found on their site

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