Fitness Week 7: The Great Pyramid of Milton Keynes

Fitness Check in Week 6Runface! And yes, the same part of this town that has a scale model of Stonehenge also has a scale (ish) model of the Pyramids.

Milton Keynes! If tapas was architectural choices.

Anyway! What was I up to this week?

Superhero Workout just twice this week because I wasn’t feeling masochistic. I did do them both on one day though and then needed to sit down for a little while. Still, it’s all good and I’m now moving off the ‘Just do pressups’ for some stuff and actually trying them. Make no mistake I am actively bad at burpees and the like but the only way I’ll get better is by doing them. Not shifted across fully yet but I’m getting there.

DDP Yoga Two Diamond Dozens and some tech support this week. The tech support was because they’ve shifted over to an app and I was looking to find out if purchasing the DVDs got us free access to their paygated stuff. It does, for a month, so we’ll take a look at whether that’s worth it or stick with the DVDs.

The two Diamond Dozens went really well and I don’t intend to skip yoga in a week again. My job involves sitting down for eight hours and I know that’s actively bad for me if I don’t do something about it. Plus the great thing about yoga, and I had no idea this would be the case, is that the improvement curve is really rapid. You notice extra flexibility inside about ten days and that’s really cool, not to mention something I want to build on.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k was good again this week. I’m up to 40 second run intervals now and did the requisite 5. Then, knackered and slightly sore decided I was done.

And then did one more.

I’m very aware of being within sight of my tolerances this week. After two weeks of no stitch at all one was definitely forming by the time I was done. I may plateau here next week and push up to 45 seconds in a fortnight. If I do, it’s a one week plateau only. I like this momentum and I like that my fitness is responding to being pushed. I want to keep that going. Because after all, how else am I going to leave the Body Image goblin behind? See you next week.



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