One of the biggest joys I get from working in genre fiction is seeing fantastically talented, fantastically nice people succeed. And these days that’s happening a lot more than it used to.

Uncanny Magazine are, for me, an example of everything this industry does right. They’re immensely hard-working, immensely enthusiastic people who have been part of the increasingly successful effort to revive the short story as a viable form. It’s been a pleasure to see them flourish over their first two years and now they’re seeking crowdfunding for a third year.

For $5 you get the first issue of year 3, a copy of issue 10 from year 2 and your name listed in issue 13. But if you can manage it, go for the $25 level. That gets your name in issue 13, a subscription to year 3 and copies of issues 7, 10 and 11.

Whatever level you choose, you and they both win. So go check out Uncanny Magazine’s kickstarter campaign now.

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