The 2020 Ignyte Awards Short List

Oh my GOD this list. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Go check this out. Be amazed by the incredible quality of every single finalist. I am.


Three really quick thoughts:

-WE HAVE FOLKS ON THAT LIST! Immense congratulations to the amazing Shiv Ramdas and to Team PodCastle for their spots here!

-I’m so pleased to see YA, MG, Critics and Creative NonFiction and Poetry here! Not just because they’re three of the most vibrant and fun areas of the field but because of where they are, namely in the central list with everyone else. Seeing an award which is for everyone, regardless of where they work in the field feels wonderful and I’m hopeful this is going to set a new precedent. And speaking of new precedents…

-The Ember and Community awards are a genius idea and I fully expect similar categories to appear in other awards in the next couple of years.


What a list from one of the absolute best groups in the industry right now. Great work everyone, and I’ll see you at FiyahCon.


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