April TTRPG Challenge Day 7: Your Workspace

Meet my desk. I love my desk. And it’s various inhabitants!

So, this is basically the inside of my head, on the outside. From the bottom left up you’re seeing:

-The various reading piles for the Kitschies, Brave New Words, the BFS, reviews and fun.

The comic is Twisted Romance 3 featuring amazing work by my buddy and former comic store sister in arms, Jess Bradley aka Venkman Project. Likewise the stickers.

-Those are in front of one of the two stashes of notebooks. We’ll come back to that.

-On the wall, courtesy of Luftwaffle, a sign announcing that this is a Star desk. Which are better than other desks.

-Lego Space Team! One of my ongoing projects is emergency services in space. These folks are there to keep that in the front of my mind. And also to remind me that astronauts are cool.

-Above them, the legion of Hulks! And also Cherno Alpha, bucket-headed Russian monster puncher, all in front of a clapperboard.

-To the right, Baymax and Maui guard my W00tstock ’12 signed poster and Nick Brokenshire print.

Marguerite, the love of my life. And behind her one of the magic tricks I used to do when I was a stage magician. That die? PASSES THROUGH SOLID STEEL. Oh and yes that is Varric Tethras’ necklace, thanks to Mur Lafferty.

-To the right, a gorilla pod for my smartphone.

-Finally on the top level there’s K2S0, Swerve, the Enterprise and Spider Jerusalem.

-Below them is a Penn and Teller postcard and two small whiteboards, One reads CLARITY. The other reads NO FEAR. Both help so much its a little annoying.

-Below them is a combination of my comics TBR shelf and reference documents. There’s a bunch of Star Trek Adventures stuff in there right now.

-I used to have a serious Field Notes problem but now we have a subscription, I don’t have a problem anymore! That one is an Expedition variant which is hardy as hell and contains audiobook project notes. Next to it, the two Moleskines (Iron Man not pictured) and sort of moleskine are my fiction, Patreon and website planning books respectively.

Finally, just visible behind the alarm clock is a sampler that reads DO NOT ENGAGE which Marguerite made for me to remind me not to read the bottom half of the internet. Behind it, Funkos of Phil Coulson, Erend from Horizon Zero Dawn and Ezio Auditore give me stink eye to make sure I pay attention to it.

And that’s my desk!

Here’s my published work so far. If you want to talk to me about a project you’re hiring for, get in touch. Alternately, come say hi on Twitter and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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