Career City Underground: Fiction Writing-Getting Started

I’ve been writing fiction since I was 15. In that time I’ve had a handful of short stories published, a couple of pieces of comic work and written 1.7 novels.
In fairness I’ve done a lot of other stuff too. There was definitely food. Holidays. A lot of sleeping.
I’ve not written fiction seriously for years for a whole raft of reasons. Now though I’m coming back to it because it’s an itch I’ve not quite been able to scratch. There’s no feeling like it, the sense of the lock in your head opening and the words spilling out, the glorious moment where you realize its three hours later and you haven’t noticed. The exhausted pride of finishing a first draft.
It’s amazing and frustrating and almost impossible. And we do it anyway.
So, here I am, back on the Fiction track. Let’s see what I’ve learned.

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