Facility 23-First Quarter Directory

Four months into the  #facility23 challenge and we’ve covered a LOT of ground. Some quick lessons, and a directory of every post so far.

  • I do the best when I get out of my own way. There’s some gloriously weird stuff in here (The Dave Cave for one) that I’m really proud of.
  • Persistent research is your friend. Being able to pull specific asteroids from the directory is really cool and helps immensely.
  • Not everything has to fill a month. The short bank holiday theme weeks are some of my favourite parts so far.
  • Seriously considering a spreadsheet to track the NPCs and plots.
  • I love how the process is helping define the story. You’ll see some stuff about what the core of the Ark is in later months that’s only cemented itself through this process.

Now, the posts. The first four are the megathreads for the Ark.

I’ve done a couple of non-Temenos Ark settings too.

  • Wetcliff, a system agnostic fantasy location with some excellent doggos
  • The Five Exchanges, five different takes on using the Corn Exchange in Leeds as a setting.

And here’s a couple of process posts.

This is FUN, and wouldn’t be possible without the amazing work the team over at After the War did, which remains my favourite RPG work so far. Massive thanks too to The Story Engine whose system gets you out of your own way and makes creativity something tangible you can move around and play with. It’s SO cool.

I’m updating every week day over on Twitter. Check the #facility23 tag and I’ll see you on the next rock.

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