Facility 23-June Megathread

That’s one half of the year in the books, and this is the June #facility23 challenge thread. Every week day, and every month we’re on a different asteroid in The Temenos Ark, a vast, cobbled together spaceship that fled the solar system when an alien piece of music swept through intent on taking over every sentient being. What happened next is the core of After the War, the SF RPG I co-created with Jason Pitre. The Ark can absolutely be used there, but it’s also system agnostic so it’s useful for any SF RPG.

I build each day using The Story Engine card system. I post each one on Twitter, and write up a longer version in a separate file. It’s a fun system, means I can basically speed draft it and the twitter threads have the added advantage of all the research I do being linked there too.

Now, here’s where it gets funky. Because Twitter is run by the world’s richest, stupidest, thinnest-skinned bigot it’s apparently not possible to see any tweets now unless you’re logged in. I’ll drop the tweet below, and I’m looking at some ways to get the material accessible outside the bird site.

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