The Full Lid – 11th November 2022

As Hawkman in Black Adam, Aldis Hodge wears a sharp jacket, a custom-made watch and looks offscreen.

Black Adam, in cinemas right now, is pretty much five movies all at once, but a lot of it’s really fun. Aldis Hodge in particular has a star-making turn as Hawkman, the movie’s second hero. He’s commanding, intimidating, funny, clever and absolutely holds the screen he shares with Dwayne ‘It’s really only a matter of when I run for President, not if at this point’ Johnson.

Hodge is always good. Always. If you’re just meeting him for the first time in Black Adam, come with me on a tour some of his other standout roles to date.


The Aldis Hodge Appreciation Society
Interstitials: Inktober illustrations by Jen Williams
Playout: Tape Loop by Morcheeba

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