The Full Lid – 13th May 2022

And speaking of time, Ncuti Gatwa has been announced as the 14th Doctor Who!

Like Jodie Whitaker before him, Gatwa — early frontrunner for the world’s best-dressed Scot — absolutely embodies the elements of what Doctor Who has to be: versatile, mercurial, that elusive combination of familiar and new. Both are performers I would never have thought of in the role, and yet the moment they were announced I couldn’t imagine anyone else. That speaks to the role’s unique and intoxicating combination of absolute identity and protean inclusivity. The Doctor is for everyone, and that means everyone deserves to see themselves in The Doctor. Because of Gatwa, like Whitaker before him, people who have never had the opportunity to relate viscerally to the character will see themselves reflected in the UK’s favourite phone box pilot.

Never cruel or cowardly. Never giving up. Never giving in. Helping where they can. Show me a year in recent memory where that hasn’t been desperately needed.


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