The Full Lid – 1st March 2024

Victoriocity‘s third season hits the ground loping. It’s got everything a mystery needs — a hapless victim, a murderous beast, a profoundly grumpy Tube driver. Victoriocity has an audio soundscape like nothing else, balancing a grimy futurist steampunk aesthetic with tangible horror, gut-aching comedy, and colossal themes. Private Investigators Archibald Fleet (Tom Crowley) and Clara Entwhistle (Layla Katib) find themselves asking a very large question as the case opens, one that I believe will define and shape this season’s four main characters:

What do you believe?


Victoriocity Season 3 Episode 1
Interstitials: The Aquaman Art of Ramona Fradon (Full article at 13th Dimension by Rob Kelly
Playout:  London’s Rocketship Launchers by Julia Mervis

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