The Full Lid – 31st March 2023

Like all good heists, the job is so simple it’s complex. Ed and Helga have served two years in prison for a crime they absolutely committed, trying to steal a resurrection tablet that could bring Ed’s wife back from the dead. Desperate to return to daughter Kira (the glorious Chloe Coleman, not pictured, but she might be there anyway as she can turn invisible), Ed and Holga break out and discover that old colleague Boris (using the alias ‘Forge’ here) has not only looked after her but told her they abandoned her because of money. Not coincidentally, Forge is sitting on three city’s worth of money. Also not coincidentally, Forge is working with Sofina (Daisy Head cornering the market in occasionally evil mages at the moment), who has plans for the city.

So: break into the vault, grab the tablet, steal the money from the Tory, win back the daughter’s trust! What could go wrong?!


A Little Less Constitution, A Little More Action
Interstitials: Suhoor foods
Playout: Madrid-Detroit by Scud Hero

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