The Full Lid – 7th July 2023

Moretz’s Nimona is the gleeful, furious heart of the movie. Her ‘origin story’ intentionally subverts what fantasy trope dictates, telling a familiar tale in an honest, heart-wrenching way. Nimona’s life has been shaped by anger, fear and rejection. Facing down those emotions brings stunning visuals that remind you of Studio Ghibli – form and light and rage on an apocalyptic scale. Nimona’s heart, exposed and open and ready to be broken forever by the embodiment of everything they both stand for. And Ballister, with his mechanical hand and a city that hates him as much as it does her, refusing to let his friend stand alone.


Interstitials: Fernano Ufret: Cartman Sings
Playout: Rät by Penelope Scott 

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