The Full Lid – 8th March 2024

Editor’s note: Today’s essay is brought to you by the difficulties of adaptation and Bill Skarsgard’s abs. No content warnings this week.

Bill Skarsgard is starring as Eric Draven in the new adaptation of classic graphic novel-turned-cinema-cult-classic The Crow. Written and drawn by James O’Barr, the story is a horrifically cogent scream of rage gouged into art. O’Barr published it to deal with unimaginable trauma. Alex Proyas directed the movie version, itself an adaptation, in 1994. It was the last movie I saw with my best friend before he died; re-watching it years later with that same group of friends felt oddly reassuring. I’d felt seen, a few times, as a person of size before that moment but never as a person who grieved. Eric Draven was murderously angry, bitterly sarcastic and ripped open. His pain was visceral in the same way as ours was. Seeing that represented in fiction told my friends and I something we needed to hear: broken isn’t useless; damaged isn’t worthless.


Interstitials: Nerdforge
Playout:  Tenacious D play Baby One More Time

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