Hub Life

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In 2007, Lee HarrisPhil Lunt, myself and several others began publishing Hub. It was initially a print magazine, then went to PDF. We ran a story every issue, a couple of reviews and a non-fiction piece. We lasted 149 issues and, recently, Lee found basically all of them and put them on line.



This is amazing, like opening up a room you forgot you had. I’m loving going through these, not just because of the career archaeology they represent (Been a long road, getting from there to here) but because of the murderer’s row of talent we published. There are some BIG names here and a vast amount of future friends. The past may be a different country, but I’m delighted to discover I have a Visa for it in this case. Go, dive in, pick an issue at random and tell past me you say hi.

149 issues…Hmmm…

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