Marc Makes Comics Meets Magnum

Magnum P.I.! Owner of one of the greatest theme tunes in history! Good shirts! Noir! Weird narrative tricks! An excellent car! The greatest moustache in television history! And now? In comics!

Marc’s 100% unauthorized, glorious fan comic is crammed full of his usual humor and wit, mixed with the exact sort of off kilter humor that made the show so great. The story is very simple, and starts here.

Magnum has a very bad night. His car is stolen, his memory is gone and with T.C.’s help, he begins to investigate. What he finds is…well, it was a Very bad night and it’s about to get worse. After all, it wouldn’t be a day in his life if someone didn’t want Thomas Magnum dead, right?

Marc’s loose, fast style is perfect for this and there’s a lovely sense of motion to the whole thing. The jokes all land, the book looks great and there’s even a good cliffhanger. It’s yet another example of Marc’s skills as a graphic storyteller and, for fans of the show, offers a delightfully different, fan’s eye take on the character.

Check out Marc here, on etsy here support his Patreon here and on twitter here. And remember, always bring the car back intact. Or at least once Higgins is asleep…

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