NanoJourno Update: Day 15


The great clearing of outstanding jobs really hit today. Despite the morning being lost to a series of shatteringly frustrating phonecalls with EDF, a company that somehow manage to provide us electricity without actually having us on contract or conducting any form of inter-department communication, I’ve filed six reviews today. They’re all comics I picked up at Thought Bubble 2011 and I like the idea of getting them in just before Thought Bubble 2012. There’s a certain symmetry to that, plus it’s a good show, so anything I can do to promote it is done.

Tomorrow is…more reviews! There’s one more Thought Bubble piece and a pair of graphic novels then on to GenCon clean up. The plan is to have my decks cleared and take the back two weeks of December all the way off. Plenty to do between there and here though.

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