NanoJourno Update: Day 18

Today was more small scale project wrangling. The Arc Squadron blog post is up, the Pornokitsch interview is prepped and ready and I got some useful stuff done talking to Adele about the book. Tomorrow I’ll get the ball rolling with the EA editors, and get some promos in place on the shows for the book’s release. I can also now reveal the book is called:

The Pseudopod Tapes: Not The End Of The World, Just The End Of The Year

My publisher, Fox Spirit, have also just put up this very kind press release, announcing the book.

I also dug up my mostly complete interview with Mikee Bridges, the founder of Gamechurch. Gamechurch is an interesting organization, one part magazine, one part evangelical movement, one part computer game fans and journalists. I’ve seen enough passive aggressive, ‘Hey look we know rap music’ pseudo-contemporary Christian bullshit to last a lifetime so I was very, very cautious. However, Mikee’s been a great interviewee, very open , very willing to engage and fiercely honest. It’s a great piece and it should, hopefully, be up on the blog this week.

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