NanoJourno Update: Day 5

This one was loaded for bear, Buckaroo. It’s possibly the pace starting to catch up with me but what’s more likely is the emotional content of the endcaps. There are a few of these where I write with my heart on my sleeve and rebuilding one of those today took a good chunk of time. It’s a good piece and it isn’t dark or angry, it’s just an explanation of why I’m taking an extended timeout from the Catholic Church. Framed in the context of why whilst I respect The Walking Dead comics and TV show, I don’t actually like them.

It is me, after all.

Other interesting stuff that today’s thrown up;

-Marguerite came up with the excellent idea of putting the closing quote from each episode in a footnote and listing them in an appendix.
-The second appendix will be the answers to this year’s Halloween parade.
-I probably need to start thinking about a cover.
-I did 10 today, not 8. That’s what happens when my words try and mess with me.

Onwards and upwards.

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