PSA: Worldcon 2017 Site Voting by Email Closes Today

I’ve written the opening to this three times and none of them have worked so let’s boil it down to exciting bullet points.

-Site voting for the 2017 Worldcon is a tapestry of needlessly complex bureaucracy.

-There are several good site candidates and one flat out brilliant looking one, Helsinki, which I’m voting for.

-If you have the ability it’s really, really important you vote. These things are decided by minuscule margins. Sufficiently minuscule that the people turned away by the ridiculous procedures can make a difference.

-Don’t be turned away.

-Voting electronically, for reasons which passeth all understanding, closes today. Details of how to do it are here. The Helsinki page detailing the same information, which worked far better for me and is multi-lingual, is here.

Also, Marguerite and I are at Sasquan so if you can get your ballot to us in the UK by this Friday, then we’ll happily deliver it for you.(1) Because that’s allowed and yes I know, needlessly complex and fiddly. One thing; if you are going to do that PLEASE pay for your membership today. Otherwise it’s wasted.

If you can, please vote today. I don’t mind who you vote for, it’s your choice. But please vote and don’t let the ludicrous administrative hoops you have to jump through to do it stop you.  And if you do, and we’re lucky, I’ll see you in Helsinki.



(1) A note from Marguerite: Remember to sign them! And please put them in a separate (i.e. not the one you post them to us in) sealed envelope with your name and voter ID on the outside, so the convention doesn’t think we’re illegally stuffing the ballot box.


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