Setting Up the Books

I got to do something really fun earlier today; a double notebook swap! At the start of the week too! It’s always a nice feeling, setting up the books for the next six weeks or so and I thought I’d walk you through it.

On the left! My Travellers Notebook. Marguerite and I got our notebooks at the same time a few years ago and they are absolute warriors.

In the middle! This is what I load it out with. I use Field Notes notebooks and swear by them. I have big handwriting, as you can see, but working on this scale works very well for me. The notebooks are small, sure, but they’re durable and versatile and nice to use. I use two at once; a bullet journal and a general purpose notebook. The stickers on the front are:

On the right! The DIY bullet journal system I use in the first notebook of the two. One page, one day, ticks in any box I get. If I get more than three ticks I get to write ‘DAY WON’. If I get more then ten it’s ‘DAY WON!’ and underlined.

This is a spread from the second notebook. Taking a leaf (or several) from John Rogers, I keep track of comics, movies, games, TV shows and podcasts I interact with. It’s a good way of keeping stuff at the front of my mind and it ties into the Pinterest boards I log too.

Finally, I do all of this with a Retro 1951 pen. I like fountain pens but these are far more my speed. They’re chunky pens, easy to use and have a really nice line to the rollerballs. I have two, a space shuttle limited edition and this is the Tornado Vintage Metalsmith. Fun pen, heavy metal name. Everyone wins!

I’ll see you next time. If you want to chat books, pens or anything else, find me on Twitter, Mastodon and Linkedin.

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