The Clark Kent Two Step


Sorry I’m not around much at the moment. It’s not so much that I’m writing ALL THE THINGS as it is I am writing a very large thing that takes up most of my time. I’m coming up on deadline so hopefully I should not only be able to talk about the very large thing but it’ll be finished and I can write some other, smaller things.


Anyway, in the meantime, here’s some a thing you should be aware of. SFBuzz is a short SF fiction magazine founded by Brian Edwards of SciFind. Brian is one of the hardest working, most constantly enthusiastic and engaged people I know and SFBuzz plans to build to on that. The magazine is set to feature articles covering the genre and short fiction, with Sam Stone and Ruth Wheeler already confirmed for stories. The team includes good friends Helen Armfield,  a tech, magic and music journalist amongst her numerous talents and Alan Baxter, author of over 40 short stories, two novels and the only Kung Fu instructing heavy metal author I know. Oh, and me. They’re great people and the project deserves to succeed. It has 12 days to go as I write this and can be found here.

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