The Winter Notebook Swap

It’s a Monday, it’s a triple notebook swap day AND it’s an ipad cover swap day! Let’s go!

On the left: I relieve you. On the right: I STAND RELIEVED

Lets do the sticker key!

Top Left: The luchador is the amazing El Mariposa from James Lawrence, the Caffeinated Cryptid is from Ephemeragrrl

Bottom Left 1: Top sticker is Portal Bookshop, bottom is Ephemeragrrl again and I want to see that movie.

Bottom Left 2: The Emergency Citrus Pocket is CloudyAppleArt and the happy little caffeinated guy is Ephemeragrrl

Top Right: No Man’s Sky and Accidental Cyclops Games

Bottom Right 1: The White Vault

Bottom Right 2: Kojima Productions and No Man’s Sky

The iPad has also had a style refresh

Front: The two heads are from Atomic Robo, a comic that has made me laugh so hard I’ve woken Marguerite up. The SCP Memetic Hazard is from this campaign. And probably accurate.

Back Top: On the left is the logo for excellent new show Observable Radio, next to a wonderfully spiny ship from Rob Turpin

Back Bottom: On the left is Donnie Darko and Frank by the amazing ThisIsFunisntit and on the right is one of James Lawrence‘s characters taking care of Business.

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